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About Me

My name is David Miloschewsky and I am in my last year of my undergrad at UC Santa Cruz where I am majoring in Computational Mathematics and minoring in Computer Science.


My interests lie at the intersection of computer science and mathematics. These topics include:

Specifically, I am interested in using ideas from mathematical disciplines, such as graph theory and combinatorics, and applying them on algorithms. A concrete example is studying planar graph algorithms using de Fraysseix–Rosenstiehl planarity criterion.


I was born in Czech Republic in 1999 and lived there for most of my life until I moved to the United States in 2017. After graduating high school in Connecticut in 2018, I went to UC Santa Cruz where I persued a bachelor's in mathematics.

One of my life motto's is to enjoy every part of my life, which is why I try to be interested in everything I do. Outside of math and CS, I love cooking, working out, cycling, reading, painting and travelling.

As of March 2021, I am currently in Santa Cruz waiting for the results of my PhD and work applications and planning my future after graduating in June 2021.